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Hello Business Events Journey

During this past week, the city of Birmingham has been holding an array of workshops, seminars and training sessions as part of the ‘Hello Digital’, business week. Not only, have there been a number of businesses nationally and internationally making their way to Birmingham, but regional businesses are also attaining some of the limelight, by putting on their own events to celebrate the innovation and expertise in digital technology the city has developed. There are going to be plenty of events in the subsequent weeks.

So, I’m going to do my paramount to give you some of the back-stage and first-hand information from some of these events. A lot of this information will be valuable to budding entrepreneurs, alike; who may not be able to afford some of the events or don’t have the time.

The first event I will be attending is this evening at: Zellig Custard factory called ‘Know Your Place 4’.

Details at:

Look out for photos and commentary…….

Samantha Thodhlana, CEO


Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Interior Design

Meet Anupriya Vyas better known as Ann.

Ann has just launched her own interior design firm ‘Ann Designer Living… At just 27 years old, this young female entrepreneur from India has achieved a lot. With years of high-profile interior design experience under her belt, numerous awards including 2nd place for the best designer at¬†Stonemart, not to mention her many academic achievements, Ann is unstoppable!

At Birmingham’s Grand Designs Live show 2010, (8-10 October) Ann took a bold step towards the launch of her new interior design company ‘Ann Designer Living’ by single handedly setting up and running her own exhibit just days before the prestigious event.

As one of the only solo interior designers to exhibit at the huge event, Ann was even noticed by Mr Grand Designs himself, Kevin McCloud (right) who remarked that he had never seen a young freelance designer exhibit in such an event and that this was admirable.

Ann states, “Looking back, I now believe this was one of the best career decisions I have made so far. I got a lot of interest and enquiries about my services and also recognition in the trade. I was also approached by other senior designers to assist them on their big projects. To sum it all up, it was a successful venture.”

We asked Ann what excites her most about her line of work and she said, “What I love most about Interior design is the challenge of dealing creatively with individual spaces to make the best of their aesthetic and¬†functional use.”

It just goes to show you, as Samantha our CEO commented in the last post, ‘to be… or not to be?’ When it comes to entrepreneurship, you have to take this attitude and just do it!

Below is a short elevator pitch we took when we caught up with Ann Designer Living at the Grand Designs Live event in Birmingham 2010. Watch out for this Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Birmingham City, YEP!

To be or not to be?

Yesterday, myself and Daniel attended the BSEEN Inspiring Enterprise Event ( for more information) held at The Nishkam Centre, Birmingham.

What was most interesting about the event, was the sheer determination and passion the entrepreneurial guest speakers showed. Pure resilience in enterprise is what’s needed in order to be successful. Many a times, most of us who would love to start or run a business…… fail because of the lack of passion, drive and perseverance that you need to be a great entrepreneur.

The key point to consider as an entrepreneur is……. To be or not to be? If you can fully focus your mind to think positive, no matter what the outcome may be; then you’re on the right pathway for success!

Samantha Thodhlana, CEO


Over the next few weeks we will begin to post blogs, podcasts and videos of young entrepreneurs pioneering in their trade/sectors. We promise that this blog will feature some very interesting and creative visionaries in from the West Midlands and the surrounding areas.

Watch this space.