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How marketing on twitter works

For those of you who never understood… Here’s an example.

We all know how freezing it is outside and yesterday I was feeling the freeze even more when I had to answer my phone which is a touch screen HTC Wildfire. I had to remove my gloves, so I decided to tweet the following message.

I woke up this morning and saw this.

Even though this was a direct selling attempt (and I am one of those people who if someone tries to sell me something I generally don’t need I will tell them where to go) I appreciated it because it was a direct response to a need I expressed so I was quite impressed.

Many small businesses today, particularly those who have been around for a while are very sceptical or apprehensive about how to integrate social media into their marketing plan and strategies in a practical and none time consuming way. Twitter can be a great tool if you know how to use it. I can offer you a few tips visit our website and enquire


Upcoming Events in Birmingham

For all you event lovers, I thought we should let you know about some of the interesting events happening across the West Midlands region:

Tomorrow at, The Custard Factory, Old Library Digbeth we have:

‘The Vintage Fair’, 12noon- 5pm. 

This looks set to entice all the vintage lovers to Digbeth. There will be 40 stalls full of clothing, accessories and homewares plus a selection of handmade clothing, jewellery, crafts and delicious cupcakes in The Vintage Tea Party; sounds fabulous! All the ladies and lads get yourself down there.

Blogging your way to success, Monday, 29th November

Link is, to find out more details.

Venue: The Clarendon Suites, 2 Stirling Road, Birmingham, Tel: 0121 454 2918

Date: Monday, 29th November 2010

Location: Warwick Suite

Registration: 09:15

Workshop: 09:30 – 13:00

Break: 11:00 – 11:15

MAKING MOBILE MARKETING WORK; in partnership with Business Link West Midlands

Presented by Birmingham City University and Direct Marketing Association and in partnership with Business link West Midlands and Skillset, Making Mobile Marketing Work is a half day workshop aimed at brand marketers and mobile agencies. Presented by some of the UK’s most experienced mobile marketing experts, the session covers the key channels: acquisition and response, customer relationship and service, brand awareness and experiential.

Date Wednesday 1st December 2010
Time 8:30am – 12:30pm
Tea, coffee & pastries on arrival
Venue 2 Brunswick Square, Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2LP –
Cost £20 (£10 MiNetwork members)

To Book:

Online: Click here to book

Phone: Caroline Lotinga on 0141 599 6066



With hundreds of gorgeous boutiques, high-street brands, designer collections and glistening hair and beauty products, Clothes Show Live is the perfect place to find all your party outfits and fashion and beauty must-haves.

It’s taking place at Birmingham NEC from the 3rd to 8th December.

Visit: to book tickets and have a look at more info!

Tiger Bam Productions Presents: The Creative Christmas Fair

Sunday, December 5 · 12:00pm – 8:00pm


Venue: St Margaret’s Art School, Birmingham City University

The Tiger Bam family is oozing with excitement and are pleased to announce, their First ever event, ‘The Creative Christmas Fair’ Sponsored by B-SEEN, and the rather handsome Rainbow Warehouse family {FACE}.

Take a look at their Facebook page to get more exciting info about the day:

There will probably be more events to let you all know about, keeping yourself updated by checking the YEP Media blog page regularly.

Samantha Thodhlana

Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Vocal Training

ACS Vocal Academy

Meet Emma Mendez, Managing Director of ACS Vocal Academy

In 2007, 25 year old Emma Mendez, founded the Anyone Can Sing Vocal Academy a musicianship and vocal training school aiming to create jobs in music for aspiring musicians from underprivileged backgrounds. Having graduated with a degree in music, Emma went to the job centre and found nothing available in the arts or music and decided it was time to do something about it. Her passion has driven her to the position she is in today and continues to inspire young entrepreneurs across this city.

We visited Emma at her own studio space in the Winson Green area of Birmingham where she explained to us that her proudest moment was making the transformation of the premises where her company now resides, into a stage school suitable for creative expression. Emma is an entrepreneur whose drive for helping others and being free to do the things she loves most for a living motivates her to continue on the path to success. She explained ‘the most rewarding part of my business is when I have someone come into my academy and I have taught them something that they can take away and leave as a better person.’

For more info, visit the ACS Vocal Academy Website and follow them online through their various social networking channels.

Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Web Design

Meet Guilluame Piot, Managing Director of Clownfish Design

At just 28 years old, Guillaume has achieved international success with his full service web company, Clownfish Design. Established three years ago, Clownfish offers a variety of online solutions for the development of businesses. From the visual identity and branding of the business, to the content management systems that enable the client to update their own website and cutting edge online software for businesses.

We visited him at his swanky office space in Birmingham City Centre to find out what it took for him to start his own company. He explained to us how he set up himself as a web design freelancer while he was studying his degree at Birmingham City University. He soon found that his skills in Web and New Media quickly advanced the things he was being taught on his degree course and his services were on high demand from his clients. As a result clownfish design was born.

Like many other entrepreneurs, Guillaume was attracted to the creative control of starting your own business. He enjoys the consultation and creative direction of every client project he takes on and the fact that no two projects are ever the same; each will come with their own fresh ideas and requirements. This passion is combined with a genuine love for helping organisations develop a quality online presence and taking full advantage of the opportunities that the web has to offer.

Visit Clownfish Design at

International Relations

Having spent 10 days in Zimbabwe and returning back to cold and dull England; I began to analyse the opportunities available in the Western World compared to those in the so-called ‘developing’ or ‘3rd world’ countries as an entrepreneur. At times, it had been in-grained in me to believe that there were no opportunities out there for young Africans, like myself who have grown up most of their life in the Western World.

It’s the pure ignorance that we have here, whereby we think we are ‘so much better’ than the same determined, ambitious young person in countries such as; Zimbabwe, who want to be successful business people too.

In fact what I did see, amidst to all those accusations that Zimbabwe is a ‘terrible, scary country to go to’……… young people similar age to myself, thriving in the business world. What’s most interesting is that these young people, actually seem much more focused, hardworking and less inclined to believe that life or should I say, business is going to just miraculously ‘happen’ without their full efforts. With the economy beginning to take a turn in the right direction; Zimbabwean entrepreneurs seize opportunities and understand that to be a true enterprising person, you need to believe in your own abilities but also learn to work together. Whether its hand-making bags, selling fruit and veg, importing & exporting or running a modelling agency; people in Zimbabwe are expanding their markets and rebuilding business foundations, possibly once lost.

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This concept brought me back to YEP Media and the message that we present to our audience. Just like these young people in Zimbabwe, we also want to pioneer in the world of business and become icons for what we do! However, what I learnt is that it’s not all about the Western World but about building international relationships with those in other parts of the world. If you truly want to make a ‘difference’ as an entrepreneur, then sometimes it’s great to look beyond the horizon and seize opportunities which you may have never considered.

Samantha Thodhlana

Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Events Management and Youth Training

Meet Daniella Genas, Managing Director of Aspire 4 U CIC

Aspire 4 U

Aspire 4 U is a Birmingham based events management and youth training company uniquely formed and developed by 25 year old Daniella Genas for the benefit of young people in the local community. Having initiated and managed several events under her company and attained academic achievements in the discipline of Media & Communications, Daniella has made best use of her expertise to build her company from strength to strength since its inception three years ago.

From her offices in Digbeth, Birmingham, Daniella explained to us why she chose to pursue an entrepreneurial career rather than get a job and what she finds exciting about running a Community Interest Company. Daniella explained that she couldn’t find an appropriate job that encompassed all the things that she wanted to do and the things she was interested in. She also expressed her dislike of the restrictions you have to endure when working for others.

Describing the perks owning her own business, she highlighted her delight in the simple freedoms of being your own boss such as wearing what you like, taking breaks and eating lunch when you feel its time and being in control.  More specifically to operating Aspire 4 U as a CIC, the satisfaction of offering supporting young people and contributing something of social value to the community.

Aspire 4 U has recently embarked upon a large 12 month project which aims to document and explore Jamaican food and culture for the benefit of the next generation of descendants of the island and for the education and edification of UK citizens. The project entitled ‘Nyam‘ was launched in October 2010 with a debate unearthing the issues to be addressed throughout the course of the project, issues such as why Caribbean food is not as popular as other takeaways available in Britain, what ingredients constitute authentic jerk and many more.

The Nyam project is just one of many Aspire 4 U ventures but an important work pioneered by a fresh, innovative youth led company certain to make a difference in the city. For more information, visit Aspire 4 U’s website

Young Entrepreneurs Pioneering in Social Networking

Meet Manuel Koloma and Oliver McQueen

My UniSoc

Oliver and Manuel are 23 years old directors of a pioneering online collaboration platform for university students, societies and unions across the UK. The website entitled My Unisoc is a the response of two industrious graduates as a response to hectic student life. Having had first-hand experience and involvement with student societies, Manuel, (as former vice president of Aston University’s Afro Caribbean Society) and Oliver (an Aston University graduate) identified the need for this portal which creates endless possibilities for enhancement of the student life/experience.

When we caught up with the young duo at their offices at Aston Science Park, Birmingham, it became evident that their propensity to journey into unchartered territories and materialise their ideas is no strange pursuit. Both young entrepreneurs have a history of business projects and ventures. Manuel is one of the founders of Birmingham’s L.I.M.E events (Ladies In Music & Entertainment) and Oliver has a catalogue of entrepreneurial ventures from his younger years having worked on many profitable and not for profit projects. Their passion is to be successful in business bring ideas into reality and their intention is to work on it now while they are still young and have nothing to lose.

Manuel and Oliver have placed themselves in the midst of Birmingham’s entrepreneurial circles making the most of the wealth of resources available to them within this city. They both acknowledged the SPEED programme at Aston University as well as the BSEEN project as instrumental in helping them to bring their idea to a reality. Manuel commented ‘in order for the business to the move forward it’s really down to us, there are so many resources available to us that it is now up to us and what we put into it we will get out of it.’

Their website is now live and ready for interaction with universities; promotion will be stepping up nationally over the next few weeks. All University Students, Societies and Unions should check and get involved with the website.