Music Video Screen Awards – Insiders view

On Saturday night, we attended the 4th Annual Music Video Screen Awards at the ICC in Birmingham. A prestigious occasion within the calendar of the Black British Community. Having Participated in Aspire 4 U‘s Study & Train in Events Management program from June 2010, we were obligated to help out with ensuring that the the event ran smoothly, ensuring artists were in the correct place at the right time, escorting celebrities and hosts to the stage, organising the awards and conducting interviews.

Though the event was not without a glitch, the overall feedback we gathered was that the guests enjoyed the evening and generally satisfied by virtue of the fact that our Black Screen personalities are being acknowledged for their achievements. Recurring comments from Critically acclaimed Actors such as David Harewood and Rudolph Walker and TV Personalities such as Alison Hammond said that this event is important for our young Actors who are coming up in the industry and need to be acknowledged for their work. The Award Winners remarked that the feeling of recognition from their own community at events like this is irreplaceable.

We at YEP Media commend the organisers vtelevision & Dean Alexander in association with Aspire 4U, for taking the initiative to ensure this event takes place, however, the award show still leaves much to be desired.

Improvements in forward planning and communication between the organisers along with an increase in creative inspiration will make a dramatic improvement of the overall event and in turn more support and respect will be generated. Strive for Perfection don’t settle for less.

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