Music Video (Fire – Corey ‘S-Man’ Campbell ft Nigel Hinds)

OK, I just stumbled across this video on Facebook and thought we should acknowledge it was a fantastic example of a how local corporates/public services and creatives can effectively collaborate to communicate an important message to specific audiences. It’s also nice to see a collaboration of the local creative industries from the music scene (the vocal artists S-Man & Nigel Hinds and obviously the producers), fashion (Soapbox Clothing) and the film makers (Daniel Alexander films), all Birmingham based enterprises.

Even before the economic downturn it was proving difficult to make a viable living from the recording industry but the music industry in its entirety is still very much expanding opening unforeseen opportunities for collaboration such as what we see here. All it takes is a Young Entrepreneur to Pioneer these ideas and the possibilities are endless.

From the perspective of a company of creative communicators, we at YEP Media think this is a great piece of work and an asset to this birmingham which should not go unrecognised.

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