Young Entrepreneurs Pioneering in Social Networking

Meet Manuel Koloma and Oliver McQueen

My UniSoc

Oliver and Manuel are 23 years old directors of a pioneering online collaboration platform for university students, societies and unions across the UK. The website entitled My Unisoc is a the response of two industrious graduates as a response to hectic student life. Having had first-hand experience and involvement with student societies, Manuel, (as former vice president of Aston University’s Afro Caribbean Society) and Oliver (an Aston University graduate) identified the need for this portal which creates endless possibilities for enhancement of the student life/experience.

When we caught up with the young duo at their offices at Aston Science Park, Birmingham, it became evident that their propensity to journey into unchartered territories and materialise their ideas is no strange pursuit. Both young entrepreneurs have a history of business projects and ventures. Manuel is one of the founders of Birmingham’s L.I.M.E events (Ladies In Music & Entertainment) and Oliver has a catalogue of entrepreneurial ventures from his younger years having worked on many profitable and not for profit projects. Their passion is to be successful in business bring ideas into reality and their intention is to work on it now while they are still young and have nothing to lose.

Manuel and Oliver have placed themselves in the midst of Birmingham’s entrepreneurial circles making the most of the wealth of resources available to them within this city. They both acknowledged the SPEED programme at Aston University as well as the BSEEN project as instrumental in helping them to bring their idea to a reality. Manuel commented ‘in order for the business to the move forward it’s really down to us, there are so many resources available to us that it is now up to us and what we put into it we will get out of it.’

Their website is now live and ready for interaction with universities; promotion will be stepping up nationally over the next few weeks. All University Students, Societies and Unions should check and get involved with the website.

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