Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Events Management and Youth Training

Meet Daniella Genas, Managing Director of Aspire 4 U CIC

Aspire 4 U

Aspire 4 U is a Birmingham based events management and youth training company uniquely formed and developed by 25 year old Daniella Genas for the benefit of young people in the local community. Having initiated and managed several events under her company and attained academic achievements in the discipline of Media & Communications, Daniella has made best use of her expertise to build her company from strength to strength since its inception three years ago.

From her offices in Digbeth, Birmingham, Daniella explained to us why she chose to pursue an entrepreneurial career rather than get a job and what she finds exciting about running a Community Interest Company. Daniella explained that she couldn’t find an appropriate job that encompassed all the things that she wanted to do and the things she was interested in. She also expressed her dislike of the restrictions you have to endure when working for others.

Describing the perks owning her own business, she highlighted her delight in the simple freedoms of being your own boss such as wearing what you like, taking breaks and eating lunch when you feel its time and being in control.  More specifically to operating Aspire 4 U as a CIC, the satisfaction of offering supporting young people and contributing something of social value to the community.

Aspire 4 U has recently embarked upon a large 12 month project which aims to document and explore Jamaican food and culture for the benefit of the next generation of descendants of the island and for the education and edification of UK citizens. The project entitled ‘Nyam‘ was launched in October 2010 with a debate unearthing the issues to be addressed throughout the course of the project, issues such as why Caribbean food is not as popular as other takeaways available in Britain, what ingredients constitute authentic jerk and many more.

The Nyam project is just one of many Aspire 4 U ventures but an important work pioneered by a fresh, innovative youth led company certain to make a difference in the city. For more information, visit Aspire 4 U’s website

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