International Relations

Having spent 10 days in Zimbabwe and returning back to cold and dull England; I began to analyse the opportunities available in the Western World compared to those in the so-called ‘developing’ or ‘3rd world’ countries as an entrepreneur. At times, it had been in-grained in me to believe that there were no opportunities out there for young Africans, like myself who have grown up most of their life in the Western World.

It’s the pure ignorance that we have here, whereby we think we are ‘so much better’ than the same determined, ambitious young person in countries such as; Zimbabwe, who want to be successful business people too.

In fact what I did see, amidst to all those accusations that Zimbabwe is a ‘terrible, scary country to go to’……… young people similar age to myself, thriving in the business world. What’s most interesting is that these young people, actually seem much more focused, hardworking and less inclined to believe that life or should I say, business is going to just miraculously ‘happen’ without their full efforts. With the economy beginning to take a turn in the right direction; Zimbabwean entrepreneurs seize opportunities and understand that to be a true enterprising person, you need to believe in your own abilities but also learn to work together. Whether its hand-making bags, selling fruit and veg, importing & exporting or running a modelling agency; people in Zimbabwe are expanding their markets and rebuilding business foundations, possibly once lost.

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This concept brought me back to YEP Media and the message that we present to our audience. Just like these young people in Zimbabwe, we also want to pioneer in the world of business and become icons for what we do! However, what I learnt is that it’s not all about the Western World but about building international relationships with those in other parts of the world. If you truly want to make a ‘difference’ as an entrepreneur, then sometimes it’s great to look beyond the horizon and seize opportunities which you may have never considered.

Samantha Thodhlana

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