Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Vocal Training

ACS Vocal Academy

Meet Emma Mendez, Managing Director of ACS Vocal Academy

In 2007, 25 year old Emma Mendez, founded the Anyone Can Sing Vocal Academy a musicianship and vocal training school aiming to create jobs in music for aspiring musicians from underprivileged backgrounds. Having graduated with a degree in music, Emma went to the job centre and found nothing available in the arts or music and decided it was time to do something about it. Her passion has driven her to the position she is in today and continues to inspire young entrepreneurs across this city.

We visited Emma at her own studio space in the Winson Green area of Birmingham where she explained to us that her proudest moment was making the transformation of the premises where her company now resides, into a stage school suitable for creative expression. Emma is an entrepreneur whose drive for helping others and being free to do the things she loves most for a living motivates her to continue on the path to success. She explained ‘the most rewarding part of my business is when I have someone come into my academy and I have taught them something that they can take away and leave as a better person.’

For more info, visit the ACS Vocal Academy Website and follow them online through their various social networking channels.

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