Make Mobile Marketing work for you?

Today, I attended the only event in Birmingham of its kind so far ‘Mobile Marketing’ Event. It’s an event intended to get businesses and organisations thinking about how mobile marketing can work for you in regards to marketing your business brand or particular services that your business offers. Undoubtedly, the event is full of business professionals from all over the region; including professionals from parts of the country and even one or two businesses that come from places like, Germany.

It was held at Number Eleven Brindley Place building, which is an elegant building and features all the high-tech equipment, furnishings and features you can imagine.  I’m glad I felt hungry this morning, because the room was filled with a small selection of delicious pastries and croissants’, including tea & coffee just as the doctor ordered J

It felt slightly strange being one out of three people within their early twenties in a large room full of business executives, CEO’s and Directors. Nevertheless, I acted professionally like I always do at these types of events and put on my two hats; one as director of YEP Media and the other as PR & Communications Executive for The NTI Birmingham (part of Birmingham City University).

We had the first presentation from Mark Brill, CEO of Formations who delivered an exceptional introduction into the revolution of mobile and what mobile marketing means to businesses and their brand. This got me thinking about what YEP Media offers and that’s the ‘branding’ service which all businesses looking to expand or do well within their market need. Without a great brand or brand understanding; a business can slowly full down the radar and not make a huge enough impact within their market place. Ultimately, a great brand with a great PR/Marketing campaign stands out and delivers the correct message to its intended audience.

One of the brands Mark mentioned was Nike and how they have used their brand to convey one of the best apps currently available. Nike’s ID app is a good example of how a brand can provide a complete experience. Users can create their own trainers, post it to the site and share it with friends. They can also order the trainers (or any other pairs they like the look of), all through the app.

This is all available on your phone; now who would have thought that phones would have become so innovative and creative in terms of consumer behaviour?

For me this was the highlight of the session because it got my brain ticking about how start-up businesses could use mobile as a medium to promote their business. I don’t just mean, create an app and everything will be alright. It’s much more than that, it’s about giving your audience an interactive experience which they can join in with instead of just bombarding your audience with boring information they don’t want to hear.

Become more creative my fellow entrepreneurs, think of new ways that technology can develop your business experience and increase your brand awareness or increase profits to your business. The average person doesn’t want the same old boring techniques used every time, so regular TV ads or flyers dropped through their door don’t always work. Consumers are more advanced than we are sometimes, as the business. The second key message I gained from today’s session is that; Consumers don’t just consume, they want to feel like they belong to that brand and the lifestyle that the brand sells. So, I want you all to look at your business and ask yourself and others around you……..does my brand really represent what it’s intended to represent?

Plus, slightly off topic but I think you all need to watch a video that was shown at the event. It’s to do with the future of technology and it’s very interesting.

Samantha Thodhlana

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