My very own Lloyds TSB Avatar!!

Oh my gosh, I didn’t think my day would get even more interesting. If you all knew this before me, then excuse my sudden rush of excitement as I have just discovered that Lloyd’s TSB Bank have started letting their customers create, their very own avatar character which could appear on their next Lloyd’s TSB TV commercial.

I just had to have a go and create a character of my own, which I’m hoping you might see one day in an advert, lol. Now, I know I’m probably being dis-loyal to my very own personalised ‘Samantha’ YEP character; which in my opinion looks far more like me, I have to say I quiet like my Lloyd’s TSB avatar. I have one complaint though Lloyd’s, there needs to be more of a variation of hairstyles to choose from because I had to just go with the nearest style I could find 🙂

Rant over, in all seriousness I think this campaign is a great way to connect with the banks customers. Being given a chance to create your own character makes you feel special and though I’m not a major fan of banks…… I like Lloyd’s animation campaign that they are currently rolling out. They have definitely figured out a creative and innovative way to reach their customers. Going back to the last article written today, it’s all about how consumers/customers build a relationship with the businesses brand. How the brand is executed to the public can be difficult but Lloyd’s TSB are definitely creating new ways to interact with their audience.

Here is my Avatar at the train station!

P.S. YEP Media should now receive free business banking for life with Lloyd’s, for this promotion!

Samantha Thodhlana

  1. For this reason alone, I’m looking to shut down my Natwest accounts and open a Lloyds TSB account. This is boss!

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