Flashback 2010

I was reviewing our blog and contemplating where YEP Media as a company have come from and how we have developed professionally since the beginning of 2010. In particular the very first blog posts stood out to me here and here, so I decided to write this blog post which is as much about reflection and gratitude as it is about our company closing off 2010 and making the transition into 2011.

From our early beginnings as 2B1 Communications back in November 2009, we have made the transition from a university project into a fully fledged registered Limited liability company called YEP Media in 6 months with the help and support of the BSEEN project and many other mentors/networks. We’ve done design work for clients been to many a networking event, written proposals and plans interviewed other young entrepreneurs and commented on all sorts of weird & wonderful things.

It’s been an interesting roller coaster ride of a journey and we’ve learnt a lot. Here are three things we have learnt which people, particularly young people thinking about starting a new enterprise in 2011 may want to take note of.

1). When starting out, be discerning and wise about the advice you listen to.

You may have a business idea that you think could be successful but lack the business knowledge and want to tap into the expertise of others. Fine, but what we found out is a big part of entrepreneurship is about going with your gut instincts because nobody knows what you are offering the world better than you do and not every piece of advice will be worth listening to.

2). Remind yourself everyday what you are capable of and be confident in it.

One of the things that can set you back slightly is forgetting about your track record and this can make you feel inexperienced in your field. Remember your skill set and what it is that you’re offering and try to commit it to memory everyday. Even if you actually are actually inexperienced, share your knowledge, this will propel you forward faster.

3).  Make decisions sharp-ish

I think anyone who is forward thinking in their nature is conscious of the fact that every decision they make has a consequence that will affect them for the greater good or the greater bad. It can be easy to make this a burden. Don’t do it because things will get long and nothing will get done with your hesitation. Gather your information, weigh up the pros and cons and make your decision based. If you get it wrong, at least you can look back and say you were rational in your thinking at the time and move on with a lesson learnt.

There are many other things I could talk about but I will leave it at that. There are some exciting things in store for YEP Media on the Horizons of 2011,  (Remember that word ‘horzions’), but now is not the time to really go into detail about them. Updates will be up in the new year but keep watching this space, enjoy your holidays and HAPPY NEW YEAR when it comes!

Daniel J. Blyden

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