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Twitter Marketing Part II

Twitter: The amazing portal that connects you to people and business with the answer to all life's little problems.

Twitter Marketing Part 1 @syncfriend Where were you before this catastrophic incident? No that I would have signed up – lack of trust/data protection/potential privacy infringement but… oh well.


Generation 3.0

Can we end racism within this generation?

Check out this link and educate yourself, dispel your ignorances and understand other cultures.

Today I was inspired and educated almost serendipitously by my experience at an event I attended in the Handsworth area of Birmingham. The launch of the Generation 3.0 project at the Harriet Tubman Bookstore saw a brilliant exhibition of intergenerational experiences of racism, through the recollections of Handsworth residents. The project, coordinated by a young film maker and artist, Riffat Ahmed alongside the Runnymede Trust champions an ambitious aim to end racism within this generation.

I review this project from the perspective of the director of a company that appreciates, celebrates and promotes the opportunities that digital media presents to society. I also commend the visionaries of the project for how well it has been put together, it has obviously been very well researched and put together and I think that more of these thorough, intelligent and purposeful uses of digital media should be endorsed.

From the perspective of the director of a company that manages and promotes events, I appreciate the creative ideas behind hiring out the use of a local shop to exhibit the project. The beauty of this was the openness and accessibility to the whole community as the videos were showcased on large TV screens. It was this ingenuity that encouraged a group of boisterous youth engage for a couple of hours in something that will enhance their social and interpersonal skills for life.

From the perspective of an Upriser, I was challenged to continue cultivating my creative vision and talents and how I use them for non commercial purposes and how I can use them to influence change in society, but this is a whole other story for my personal blog which I will post soon.

So I encourage you to check out the generation 3.0 website for the project, watch some of the videos, join the discussion and learn something new so we can have a better society. Generation 3.0.

Come and Work With Us!

We are looking for a temporary PR & Events Management Officer to assist us with an exciting project  we have coming up in the next few weeks on a part time basis. If you are a budding PR person and like to get out n about on the job, visit our website to download the job description and find out how to apply.

Horizons Networking Event

@ Birmingham Science Park – Aston

3rd Feb 2010 | 1.30pm – 3.30pm |Free

YEP Media’s Horizons networking event is back with a special business/social gathering theme to help those businesses who have started through the BSEEN/Insight out program at Birmingham, Aston and Birmingham City Universities to network and build relationships with each other. It is also an opportunity for Students and graduates who are thinking about starting up their own business to come and be inspired by people who done just that.

FREE food and Drink available

Icebreaker Games Facilitated by Soulive Entertainment

Start-up tips and advice from YEP Media.

Sign Up here:

Looking to promote your musical career?

To celebrate the start of the year Daniel Alexander Films are giving away a FREE music video production. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is submit your music which will then be listened to by our judging panel and then if selected it will go head to head with four other songs that will be made available online for public vote. At the end of the public voting period the song with the highest amount of votes will win the music video production.
All information can be found at

10 Very Entertaining Youtube Vloggers

Scouring through an archive of bookmarks and browser history pages from the last few months/years, we present to you a selection of ten of the most entertaining youtube vloggers as we celebrate the new opportunities for on screen entertainers and genuinely funny people with the rise of digital technology. So without further ado and in no particular order, we present to you YEP media’s most entertaining, most creative and most amusing youtube vloggers from around the world.

*Viewer discretion is advised due to the ‘colourful’ language of some of our selected vloggers.

1). Glozell

This crazy woman is full of jokes and commentary on pop culture with millions of views on her youtube channel. Check her out, she’s hilarical.

2). Kitz4Prez

A very creative/different mind with an incredible knack for varying her accents for maximum emotional expression. Kitz4Prez videos are timeless though she seems to have disappeared having not posted a video for a while 😦

3). Jerry Lavigne Jr & HotDamnirock TV

These guys are hilarious but this particular video ladies, you will have to take with pinch of salt. Kain (hotdamnirockTV) has the potential to be a legendary comedian on the level of Kevin Hart and others while Jerry LaVigne Jr is just jokes and a very talented visual artist. Check out their videos.

4). weepingprophet – Jazz dispute

This Channel was created by an actor/film maker called Jeremiah Macdonald. He caught my attention through the following video. I thought it was great, check it out n you’ll understand why

5). MacReal0121Brummie

Birmingham’s own mac real. He’s real. He’s got all the facets/characteristics and street swagger of what one may describe as a typical Birmingham black youth but enough eccentricity and wit to evoke enough laughs from a view of his youtube channel. Not to mention his unique approach to video editing. Good laughs here.

6). Cadillac Kimberley

This chick one may describe as your African-American female motor-mouth/ghetto snob personality but her feisty commentary on topics ranging from her analysis of local businesses she promotes to the latest celebrity scandals can give you enough laughs even if only through the way she expresses herself. If you you understand what she’s talking about, its even more jokes. Cadillac Kimberley – People all over the world…join hands… lol

7). C’mon Son (edlover4real)

– This guy is super cool in his hilarious approach to his commentary of celebrity culture and current affairs. He’s like your friend’s militant dad who you always think is cool because he knows just what to say to male something look stupid especially when it actually is! His catchphrase ‘C’Mon son’ now has enough brand value to sell on t-shirts and he’s even had folks from the show business feature in his videos.

8). ItsKingsleyBitch

This dude’s expressive, ‘camp’ bitchin’ is enough to provide hours of hilarious entertainment as he comments on the annoying things in life.

9). Smash’s views (sma5h)

Smash Hesson is a local entertainer who gives plenty joke with his witty lines/lyrics. He will have you poppin in front of your computer screen while watching them and even long after when you process one of his rhymes in your mind. He also has his own live talk show which ran monthly back in 2010 and will be back soon for 2011 so follow his youtube channel for updates.

10). DCFan4life

These guys make spoof music videos and they are musical artists themselves, quite funny, check them out if you are into that satirical humour.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen 10 of the most entertaining youtube vloggers for your procrastination or those periods where you need to kill some time. For those of you who aspire to be on screen entertainers, why not say YEP and start your own youtube channel to get the ball rolling.

Bye for now

THE INFLUENCERS – how things get ‘cool’ – Documentary

I was watching this documentary that a friend posted on facebook and I was engrossed by the content and the commentary and discussion throughout.

How trends and creativity become contagious is important question and I think the comments made in this film are concomitant to popular trends in culture and society. It is particularly important in our industry where our job is to be ‘middle man’ and create the hype by matching the people with the brand so to speak. In agreement with some of the comments in the film, I would say that a fundamental principle of influencing mainstream opinion and publicising brand through a cultural icon is that, it doesnt make sense to attempt to forge a connection between a brand and a public figure that is not already apparent. It is more effective for it to take place through an evident natural affiliation in order to be a successful as it should be. Unfortunately too much of this is taking place. Anyway, check out the documentary and discuss.