Do you really need a life plan?

For days, I have contemplating on whether I should write a personal life plan? Sounds drastic but I’ve began to think that my goals and ambitions have slightly gone off track. Now, I know 2010 was a great year for YEP Media (as outlined in the previous post by Daniel); however every person needs to individually re-group and re-focus their brain so that you can actually focus on the path you want to take.

Since it became 2011, I’ve had this really strange feeling… a good way. I started to feel the fire burning inside of me, which I once felt a few years ago when I wanted to be this BIG star!! The fire wasn’t burning because of that, more so because of my passion and desire for success. I just don’t believe in ‘failure’, I believe in learning curves in life not failure. Nothing you do in life is failure, it’s just a few tests that God puts you through to see how strong you are.

And trust me, each one of the YEP Media directors has been through some tough times in the last year and overcome them, through persistence and just plain….toughness 🙂
So, going back to my life plan…. I have sort of come up with a plan, however I have tried to not think that I should JUST live by that. However, that plan gives me direction. Sometimes, it’s best not to just do things for the sake of it or because it’s easier that way; but to do what your heart desires.

Samantha Thodhlana

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