THE INFLUENCERS – how things get ‘cool’ – Documentary

I was watching this documentary that a friend posted on facebook and I was engrossed by the content and the commentary and discussion throughout.

How trends and creativity become contagious is important question and I think the comments made in this film are concomitant to popular trends in culture and society. It is particularly important in our industry where our job is to be ‘middle man’ and create the hype by matching the people with the brand so to speak. In agreement with some of the comments in the film, I would say that a fundamental principle of influencing mainstream opinion and publicising brand through a cultural icon is that, it doesnt make sense to attempt to forge a connection between a brand and a public figure that is not already apparent. It is more effective for it to take place through an evident natural affiliation in order to be a successful as it should be. Unfortunately too much of this is taking place. Anyway, check out the documentary and discuss.

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