10 Very Entertaining Youtube Vloggers

Scouring through an archive of bookmarks and browser history pages from the last few months/years, we present to you a selection of ten of the most entertaining youtube vloggers as we celebrate the new opportunities for on screen entertainers and genuinely funny people with the rise of digital technology. So without further ado and in no particular order, we present to you YEP media’s most entertaining, most creative and most amusing youtube vloggers from around the world.

*Viewer discretion is advised due to the ‘colourful’ language of some of our selected vloggers.

1). Glozell

This crazy woman is full of jokes and commentary on pop culture with millions of views on her youtube channel. Check her out, she’s hilarical.

2). Kitz4Prez

A very creative/different mind with an incredible knack for varying her accents for maximum emotional expression. Kitz4Prez videos are timeless though she seems to have disappeared having not posted a video for a while 😦

3). Jerry Lavigne Jr & HotDamnirock TV

These guys are hilarious but this particular video ladies, you will have to take with pinch of salt. Kain (hotdamnirockTV) has the potential to be a legendary comedian on the level of Kevin Hart and others while Jerry LaVigne Jr is just jokes and a very talented visual artist. Check out their videos.

4). weepingprophet – Jazz dispute

This Channel was created by an actor/film maker called Jeremiah Macdonald. He caught my attention through the following video. I thought it was great, check it out n you’ll understand why

5). MacReal0121Brummie

Birmingham’s own mac real. He’s real. He’s got all the facets/characteristics and street swagger of what one may describe as a typical Birmingham black youth but enough eccentricity and wit to evoke enough laughs from a view of his youtube channel. Not to mention his unique approach to video editing. Good laughs here.

6). Cadillac Kimberley

This chick one may describe as your African-American female motor-mouth/ghetto snob personality but her feisty commentary on topics ranging from her analysis of local businesses she promotes to the latest celebrity scandals can give you enough laughs even if only through the way she expresses herself. If you you understand what she’s talking about, its even more jokes. Cadillac Kimberley – People all over the world…join hands… lol

7). C’mon Son (edlover4real)

– This guy is super cool in his hilarious approach to his commentary of celebrity culture and current affairs. He’s like your friend’s militant dad who you always think is cool because he knows just what to say to male something look stupid especially when it actually is! His catchphrase ‘C’Mon son’ now has enough brand value to sell on t-shirts and he’s even had folks from the show business feature in his videos.

8). ItsKingsleyBitch

This dude’s expressive, ‘camp’ bitchin’ is enough to provide hours of hilarious entertainment as he comments on the annoying things in life.

9). Smash’s views (sma5h)

Smash Hesson is a local entertainer who gives plenty joke with his witty lines/lyrics. He will have you poppin in front of your computer screen while watching them and even long after when you process one of his rhymes in your mind. He also has his own live talk show which ran monthly back in 2010 and will be back soon for 2011 so follow his youtube channel for updates.

10). DCFan4life

These guys make spoof music videos and they are musical artists themselves, quite funny, check them out if you are into that satirical humour.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen 10 of the most entertaining youtube vloggers for your procrastination or those periods where you need to kill some time. For those of you who aspire to be on screen entertainers, why not say YEP and start your own youtube channel to get the ball rolling.

Bye for now

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