Generation 3.0

Can we end racism within this generation?

Check out this link and educate yourself, dispel your ignorances and understand other cultures.

Today I was inspired and educated almost serendipitously by my experience at an event I attended in the Handsworth area of Birmingham. The launch of the Generation 3.0 project at the Harriet Tubman Bookstore saw a brilliant exhibition of intergenerational experiences of racism, through the recollections of Handsworth residents. The project, coordinated by a young film maker and artist, Riffat Ahmed alongside the Runnymede Trust champions an ambitious aim to end racism within this generation.

I review this project from the perspective of the director of a company that appreciates, celebrates and promotes the opportunities that digital media presents to society. I also commend the visionaries of the project for how well it has been put together, it has obviously been very well researched and put together and I think that more of these thorough, intelligent and purposeful uses of digital media should be endorsed.

From the perspective of the director of a company that manages and promotes events, I appreciate the creative ideas behind hiring out the use of a local shop to exhibit the project. The beauty of this was the openness and accessibility to the whole community as the videos were showcased on large TV screens. It was this ingenuity that encouraged a group of boisterous youth engage for a couple of hours in something that will enhance their social and interpersonal skills for life.

From the perspective of an Upriser, I was challenged to continue cultivating my creative vision and talents and how I use them for non commercial purposes and how I can use them to influence change in society, but this is a whole other story for my personal blog which I will post soon.

So I encourage you to check out the generation 3.0 website for the project, watch some of the videos, join the discussion and learn something new so we can have a better society. Generation 3.0.

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