YEP MEDIA- Horizons Networking Event

Yesterday, the YEP Media & BSEEN Presents: Horizons Pre-Business Showcase Event took place at Birmingham Science Park Aston between 1.30pm-3.30pm. It turned out to be a great success, with around 30 people, some current students from Birmingham City University, Aston University & University of Birmingham; as well as a few BSEEN businesses and local professionals.  The event was aimed at getting people to network but in a fun and energising way which is none-conventional networking style the YEP Media team use.

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The event was sponsored by BSEEN (Birmingham Skills for Enterprise and Employability Network) programme offers graduates and students a diverse package of support at a time when many will see business start-up and self employment as an attractive career option. With incubator support, training, mentoring and career guidance, the programme will give participants the tools they need to succeed. A city-wide network of entrepreneurs will give much-needed peer support and access to the regional economy.

This project is funded by Be Birmingham via the Working Neighbourhoods Fund, which is managed by Birmingham City Council, and delivered in partnership with Aston University, Birmingham City University and University of Birmingham.

YEP Media have been on the BSEEN Programme since last year and have finally completed the programme. This Horizons Networking Event is going to hopefully be one of many, hopefully with the help and support from other regional organisations.

YEP Media’s Horizons Event was also part of the build up to the Entrepreneurial Business Showcase which also took place on the same day in the evening at the Science Park Aston. The Entrepreneurial Showcase had 50 of the BSEEN businesses exhibit to local professionals, and businesses.

Furthermore, on YouTube, we have some testimonials from a few of the participants that attended the YEP Media Horizons Event:

Hopefully, we will be able to run another networking event in the near future, so stay tuned to the YEP Media Blog.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Say It Online Project throughtout the next 2 months!

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