YEP Media would like to welcome our new PR and Events Management officer; Lucy Hird to the team. Lucy is a current second year student at Birmingham City University; studying BA Media and Communications specialising in Public Relations.

Here’s a short profile piece from Lucy herself:

Growing up with small town syndrome from my beginnings in the beautifully quaint and quiet Malvern, meant that before long I was hungry to find out what else the world had to offer.

Whilst managing a Sports and Social Club at the tender age of 19 I discovered I loved interacting with people and organising events. I learnt about bookkeeping, advertising and PR at a Fork Lift Truck Company but felt I needed to experience more of life before settling into a career.

After training in Beauty and Massage Therapy I embarked aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship working 80 hour weeks and using every other minute to the maximum. A world of skydiving, breathtaking beaches, swimming with dolphins and buying designer handbags was bliss and massaging on Disney’s private island in the Bahamas’ is a memory I will hold with me forever, but alas life on the open seas could not last forever.

Returning to England made me re-evaluate what I wanted to do with my life and I tried to assess what it was I was good at. I loved interacting with people, being creative, persuading people to see my point-of-view, being able to write, organising events and keeping busy, so there it was staring me in the face, a career in Public Relations incorporated all that I enjoyed! I found the degree that had just the right mix of theory and skills based work at BCU and now I find myself halfway through, enjoying every day at university, excited to really get my career going and put my stamp on… well, the world!

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to travel round-the-world in 2010 over the summer, experiencing different cultures first-hand has really enabled me to understand what is important in life and although it has cured my itchy traveller’s feet for a while I hope to see more in the future.

I am a huge Liverpool FC fan and try to get to Anfield as much as my hard-earned student pennies will take me. I am politically minded and spent a lot of my spare time helping my local Liberal Democrat PPC in the 2009 elections, needless to say following broken promises I am now searching for a party to appeal to my ideologies.

I think work experience is the most valuable part of student life and I feel so lucky to be given this opportunity by YEP Media.

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