YEP Media are still keeping things at high energy!

It’s been some very interesting few weeks in the YEP Media camp; we’re currently plugging away at the last bits of our Say it Online project which is funded by Birmingham City Council and Arts Council England West Midlands. This project is Part of the Say Hello/Hello Digital Campaign; set to help people within the Birmingham community engage and play an active role in digital media.

We have now gone past our third week, which proved to be just as interesting as the two weeks before that, check out our official Say It Online Blog

Our families have been to everything from AE Harris Theatre where blankets were provided during the performance; the Birmingham Royal Ballet which proved to be heart-warming; RAW energy provided explosive ‘raw energy’ for the Morgan family who thought this performance was brilliant. Instead of reading our opinions on their experiences, we suggest you follow their arts & culture events say it online journey on the say it online website & blog!

Apart from this current project, YEP Media are still keeping things at high energy, with constant innovate ideas to keep things moving. In this economic climate, small businesses have to be clever and specific about what commercial strategies they take; as well as what needs to be revised or updated. YEP Media are a businesses which relishes on ‘keeping things moving’ and understanding the trends ahead. So, I’m sure we’ll be moving forward with the same eager and positive attitude on our next projects!

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