Rebecca Black

Some of you are probably wondering who is Rebecca Black and why is she trending. Well Rebecca Black is from Twilight.

But the Rebecca Black thats trending is from a different world…

Curiously I searched Rebecca Black, and found out she was a singer. I then proceeded to Youtube – maybe it was another great artist I could add to my playlist. Instead I was lost in a sea of remixes and paradoies of Rebecca’s single ‘Friday’

Finally I found the original and what followed was a minding numbing 3 minutes of which I was lulled into a trance filled with auto tune and decisions about the front seat or the back seat’  ‘gotta make my mind up which seat should I take’ and then ‘ Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards I don’t want this weekend to end’

I tried to click away but I HAD to listen until the end. Surely this is some highly successful marking ploy!? Nope Rebecca Black is real as Justin Bieber….

Since her name started trending her view count has reached over 2 million, but somehow I don’t think its out of love…. Well you know what they say, all publicity is good publicity right?

UPDATE : Since writing this post the video has reached over 30 million views!


    • Samantha Thodhlana
    • March 14th, 2011

    Wow, how awful! I generally like to support new talent but I think this is a little too much, lol.

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