Grime Royal Wedding

Stumbled across this on Twitter. A publicity stunt taking place around the opening of the EnR Twinz new recording studio in digbeth. We thought it was a fantastic idea to coincide with the royal wedding:

here is a synopsis from the Grime Royal Wedding planners

TWO Birmingham music producers are hunting for a local couple to take part in an alternative Royal Wedding on the same day as Wills and Kate get hitched.

The EnR Twinz planned to open their new studio in Digbeth on Friday, April 29 not realising it was the same day as the Windsors big day so instead of being upstaged they have decided to hold Birmingham’s own Grime Royal Wedding.

The EnRTwinz are looking for a couple to get married on the same day and time as the real royal couple. The service will be held in Digbeth and the reception on the Bromford estate. The lucky couple will get their real marriage certificate paid for as soon as after the big day as possible.

The Twinz are looking for a couple that can not afford to get married but deserve their own special day. The guestlist for the wedding will be a direct contrast to the real royal wedding, instead of billionaires, foreign dictators and aristocrats the Grime Royal Wedding will be inviting the homeless, hustlers, carers and those on benefits.

The EnR Twins, who are from Hodge Hill, and are nationally recognised in the UK Grime scene, started their musical career holding impromptu concerts on Hodge Hill Common but after falling foul of complaining residents began to start selling out venues.

However, after having continual problems with the venues and the police who were concerned their massive following of Birmingham youngsters would could cause trouble at concerts they began to concentrate on becoming music producers and have just completed their new studio in Digbeth.

For the Grime Royal Wedding service the two twins plan to take turns in their Adidas dog collars doing the service because they have seen how long the real one lasts.

In an age where the music industries and particularly the recording industry are increasingly tricky to navigate, it becomes more and more important that cultural capital is built around your artform. If executed well, the Grime Royal Wedding will be an interesting example of a cultural statement in the music industries, about local grime culture pioneered by the EnR Twinz.

If you are into grime and want to get involved or for more information about the Grime Royal Wedding see and

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