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The Power of Trip Advisor | #BloggersCollective

Almost 4 weeks ago Channel 4 aired a documentary about Trip Advisor which you may or may not have seen. Basically, the film followed some independent hospitality businesses as they battled to continue running their businesses after customers wrote very critical reviews of their services on the Trip Advisor Website.

Trip Advisor allows for any traveller to leave open and personal reviews of any travel and tourism service they have experience. The Trip Advisor brand was voted best travel information/review site for 2011 has become such a powerful platform that some small businesses have had to closed down leaving reputations in tatters. A PR manager’s nightmare.

Trip Advisor is a thriving testimony of the power of social media and how even the least influential of individuals can actually be empowered. The documentary also demonstrated the repercussions of what could be argued was inconsiderate or negligent use of the reviewing and critiquing powers. In traditional journalism there has always been a code of ethics that is clearly absent in the blogosphere. Perhaps is one wishes to be regarded as a profession critic or ‘citizen journalist’ they need to understand a degree of ethics, tact and politeness. What do you think?

You can watch the documentary here:

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Relationship Between Bloggers and Bigger Brands | #BloggersCollective

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Just thought we would share this great article about building relationships between bloggers and big brands in preparation for the Bloggers Collective Event this week Wednesday. Have a read if you are a blogger particularly in the fashion industry. It is a gold mine of information. Click here.

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Great Birmingham Youtube Vloggers | #BloggersCollective

Another great group of young people who are developing their own online media platforms. We came across these guys this week and met @ChapperzTV at Birmingham Social Media Cafe.

1). The Jord Network 

17 year old youtuber who makes great content and organises meet ups with the local youtube community.

2). Chapperz TV

The brainchild of 21 year old Jamie Chapman who is the man behind the Zombie Walk

3). Cherry goes pop

An Art & design student in Birmingham

4). Gordy Camp TV

All these guys are doing a Youtube Gathering this weekend at the Christmas Markets this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Click here for more information

Watch out for these guys as they will be innovating the Birmingham Media and Creative Industries. #YoungEntrepreneursPioneering. #BloggersCollective

On @IAmBirmingham | #OnlineMedia #BloggersCollective

Met some of the I Am Birmingham team at the Birmingham Social Media Cafe today for the first time after months of following on twitter with no interaction. Anyway, partly because of that personal interaction, I decided to take a more in-depth look at their website which is like an online video hub of some of the most creative and interesting activity taking place across the city of Birmingham. We think their work is very commendable and again, it is young people being entrepreneurial constructively using new technology to create and sustain valuable online media platforms. Now I must digress from the topic slightly to make a point and I will use I Am Birmingham as a prime example. Stay with me.

Recently I have been involved in several debates online and offline and attending  local events about the future of Birmingham City, leadership, youth unemployment, etc. Many of these have featured some of the main movers and shakers of Birmingham city expressing their concerns that many of the traditional press and media platforms are slowly disappearing. In effect that means that Birmingham’s voice nationally is in jeopardy and in turn our second city status is questioned when compared with other cities such as Manchester.

I highlight these discussions to make the following point. Online media platforms such as I am Birmingham and the many other hyper local bloggers  can be harnessed to ensure the Birmingham is represented on a national scale. It only takes a little bit of out of the box thinking and strategic vision/leadership. These platforms have the potential to be as powerful if not more powerful than the traditional forms over time. With collective thinking and collaborative working the opportunities are endless.

Check out I Am Birmingham’s Website here.

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On Milk & Honey Media | #BloggersCollective

It was around the time when Milk & Honey Media relaunched their brand new website when I discovered this piece of web eye candy as their promo made it into my twitter feed several times. As a creative director I found it a pleasant discovery to find a fresh youth-led upcoming media platform such as this with a distinct sense of purpose, focus and substance elegantly crafted for a specific audience.

Now I don’t want to just talk about this platform because I like it but because I wanted to highlight the fact that this is the direction that news & magazine media is going and has been going for quite some time. I chose to highlight Milk & Honey Media as a great example of a new upcoming online media brand picked up on this and recognised the importance of investing time, thought and the right expertise into making sure the website looks great from the get go.

Check out Milk & Honey Media here you might find something you like.

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Hyperbole and a Half? | #bloggerscollective

Here is another interesting blog that is very unique. Hyperbole and a half makes use of Microsoft paint to create humorous cartoons to compliment paragraphs of hilarious magnifications of the small things in life. The writer causes you to contemplate some of those things that the average person might consider life’s minor impedances and exaggerates them into major daily struggles in a childlike sort of way, hence the term ‘hyperbole.’ The interesting thing is it becomes frighteningly relatable and addictive to the reader, hence the blog has over 55,000 subscribers.

Another interesting niche independent blog that has been able to capitalise on its readership but this time not so much through advertising but through merchandising. Because the blog is very visual and unique in its use of microsoft paint, these images have become part of the brand.

This brand uniqueness is something that you must as crack to be successful as an independent online media producer. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be as quirky but the more eccentric and niche the better I think in many cases.

Check out the blog

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Bonafide Supernova Blog Site #BloggersCollective @yepmedialtd @bonasupernova

In March 2011, Bonafide Supernova was started as an online platform; creating a voice for the generation of young, ambitious and career driven women who love fashion & style.

Bonafide states that it is for “the fashion—forward, fashion trendsetting, style blazing young women; who don’t try to be something they are not, but just ‘love’ being chic & stylish. No longer are we dictated by those at the top telling us what to wear, or how to wear it! The generation we live in is about creating our very own media platforms to be able to express ourselves in our everyday experiences. Bonafide Supernova aims to provide fashion, entertainment & creative enterprise content to 18-35 year old women”.

Some of you might be thinking…….’well, why another blog, why this target audience, another fashion & style blog?’

There are so many involved in media, producing online content and publishing that it’s become a time when a lot get over-shadowed by ‘famous’ bloggers or independent media producers who get snapped up by big brand endorsements and investment. Though a lot of us aspire to accomplish the same success; it’s not something that shouldn’t be taken lightly or thought of as an easy process- actually it’s more difficult than some might think.

To become a nationwide or internationally known media producer or blogger; there has to be so much more. Some do it for the passion and don’t want money from what they do but more-so they desire creditability within their niche subject area. Others desire to create a financially viable platform which provides extensive revenue and gets read by thousands or millions viewers every week. To get to that stage, is where you need a plan & a focus; an understanding of how it all works and the personality and innovation to be able to create a brand in its own right.












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