Let’s Talk about the ABG Series | #BloggersCollective #OnlineMedia

In the run up to our first #BloggersCollective event on 30th November, we will be acknowledging some of who we think are some of the most inspiring, entertaining and interesting, developing online media platforms we know of. At YEP Media our mission is direct our creative services into developing meaningful, influential and profitable online media platforms and so we thought it would only make sense to use this space to develop some conversation about it.

So the first project we would like to talk about is the Awkward Black Girl comedy series which is independently produced by film director and writer Issa Rae and her team of actors. Aside from the clear originality of content and production, the interesting thing about this program is the way they have used Youtube and other social networks to develop a die-hard fan-base and ever increasing community of followers. Anyone who has followed the series since it began will have seen that the team clearly started out from having very limited resources but they have successfully tapped into their consumer demand to keep the production of the series flowing through a kick starter campaign that enabled them to continue to meet their production costs.

On 31st August Awkward Black Girl released the 10th episode of their series on youtube and within the first 24 hours the episode was viewed by 30,000 fans. Surely there are lessons to be learned from this story.  The Team is now aiming to get their series on main stream television.

  1. If you have a vision to create something and the skills, passion and drive to make it happen then it can certainly be done.
  2. If you give it all you’ve got it will pay off eventually.
  3. Using social media clearly allows you engage with your audience in ways traditional methods does not allow.
  4. To be successful in creating media content you must listen to your audience and give them what you want, it will help provide the leverage your brand needs.
You can see the Awkward Black Girl Series visit www.awkwardblackgirl.com, let us know what you observe about this style of media content production, distribution and consumption.
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