Lou Jones

Lou Jones is the lady behind The Style Kaleidoscope, Birmingham’s vibrant street style documentary of fashionable ladies across the city. Birmingham- the heart of the country is eclectic in its fashion taste, boosts some of the best boutique stores and houses major fashion shows i.e. Clothes Show Live, Style Birmingham Live and Midlands Fashion Designer Awards.

Lou started the blog as a way to capture the multi-cultural ‘melting pot of fashion’ as she calls it on her about us page on the blog site.

On the 30th November, Lou Jones who also writes for Style Birmingham magazine & travels across the country doing what she loves; will be at our Bloggers Collective first workshop event between 6.30-8.30pm at The Small Business Centre, Newhall Street, Birmingham.

On the evening, Lou will be talking about how she started, why she decided to launch The Style Kaleidoscope blog and why she feels launching an online platform was an effect way to promote fashion & the city.

So, if you’d like to know how to launch your own media platform and how to promote it; then come along to the session. For more details visit the “Bloggers Collective” Eventbrite page: http://bc1yepmedia.eventbrite.com/


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