Let’s talk about #Fail blog & Cheezburger Network | #BloggersCollective #Online Media

Fail blog is an online media phenomenon. I think it was a few years back when I started university and fail blog almost became the bane of my existence, the root of much procrastination, yet the source of plenty of laughs. Little did I understand at the time that for every ‘lol’ there was some ingenious blogger or team of bloggers cashing in via ad sales.

Fail blog has been so successful as an online media brand to the point where it has even infiltrated english vocabulary, the word ‘fail’ has been released from its connotations of shame and disgrace into a term used more for playful banter. The Fail blog site now boasts 12 million monthly views and is a choice destination for a daily dose of laughs, it is also part of a larger leading global network of websites offering humor and entertainment called the Cheezburger Network. Interesting eh?

Now one might think how can a collection of what most would describe as ‘foolishness’ attract and engage such a large audience? This is the phenomenon I referred to in the opening sentence. The only logical response I could give is that I think ‘everyone loves a laugh,’ but obviously not everyone’s taste in humour is the same. What fail blog have clearly succeed at it is identifying and growing their niche community of fans by understanding the type of content that keeps them coming back. This has enabled them to grow their brand and expand to the point where it has infiltrated modern culture.

The Cheezburger network have obviously identified what I would describe as the serendipitous nature of establishing and growing successful online media brands. They have recently launched the opportunity for aspiring humour and entertainment bloggers to affiliate themselves with the cheezburger network by creating their own .cheezburger blog site. This offers the opportunity for users to curate some their favourite humourous content with a view to make the best bloggers ‘internet famous.’ This opportunity I would say is made available to those who LOVE comedy and love to entertain others. There is no point trying to do it if you don’t love sharing humour. One who signs up to it may one day be made ‘internet famous’ but I think the lesson is in the first instance you have do what you love and do it well.

Also evident is this ‘collective’ way of working made available via cheezburger. It is an emerging trend in the blogosphere and appears to be enabling smaller bloggers to interact with and benefit from larger brands. We YEP Media will be exploring this concept further in our upcoming series of workshops starting 30th Nov 2011. Click here for more information. 

  1. What a concept….at the start of reading this I was like WHAT; how can something called ‘Fail’ blog get so many views? However, I soon realised how clever they are! They’ve managed to capture an audience on the basis of ‘humor’ and more effectively they’ve been able to create a collective of bloggers- therefore creating much more power for smaller blogs to use their publicity stunts to increase traffic…….

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