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In March 2011, Bonafide Supernova was started as an online platform; creating a voice for the generation of young, ambitious and career driven women who love fashion & style.

Bonafide states that it is for “the fashion—forward, fashion trendsetting, style blazing young women; who don’t try to be something they are not, but just ‘love’ being chic & stylish. No longer are we dictated by those at the top telling us what to wear, or how to wear it! The generation we live in is about creating our very own media platforms to be able to express ourselves in our everyday experiences. Bonafide Supernova aims to provide fashion, entertainment & creative enterprise content to 18-35 year old women”.

Some of you might be thinking…….’well, why another blog, why this target audience, another fashion & style blog?’

There are so many involved in media, producing online content and publishing that it’s become a time when a lot get over-shadowed by ‘famous’ bloggers or independent media producers who get snapped up by big brand endorsements and investment. Though a lot of us aspire to accomplish the same success; it’s not something that shouldn’t be taken lightly or thought of as an easy process- actually it’s more difficult than some might think.

To become a nationwide or internationally known media producer or blogger; there has to be so much more. Some do it for the passion and don’t want money from what they do but more-so they desire creditability within their niche subject area. Others desire to create a financially viable platform which provides extensive revenue and gets read by thousands or millions viewers every week. To get to that stage, is where you need a plan & a focus; an understanding of how it all works and the personality and innovation to be able to create a brand in its own right.












Ambitious or not; that’s what Bonafide Supernova aims to do! To get a little insight into how & why and the passion behind this blog; come to YEP’s #BloggersCollective workshop session on the 30th Nov- Register your place:

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