Hyperbole and a Half? | #bloggerscollective

Here is another interesting blog that is very unique. Hyperbole and a half makes use of Microsoft paint to create humorous cartoons to compliment paragraphs of hilarious magnifications of the small things in life. The writer causes you to contemplate some of those things that the average person might consider life’s minor impedances and exaggerates them into major daily struggles in a childlike sort of way, hence the term ‘hyperbole.’ The interesting thing is it becomes frighteningly relatable and addictive to the reader, hence the blog has over 55,000 subscribers.

Another interesting niche independent blog that has been able to capitalise on its readership but this time not so much through advertising but through merchandising. Because the blog is very visual and unique in its use of microsoft paint, these images have become part of the brand.

This brand uniqueness is something that you must as crack to be successful as an independent online media producer. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be as quirky but the more eccentric and niche the better I think in many cases.

Check out the blog http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com.

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