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Future Bloggers Collective workshops #BloggersCollective

If you have been following our social networks or you are on our company mailing list, you will have received the latest news on the success of our first Bloggers Collective Workshop.

You will also know that we are trying to find out from our followers what they think the topic of the next event should be.  So we are holding a quick poll.

Please cast your vote, the next event will take place in January 2012.



Live Magazine: Opportunity to be a YouTube Star

Live magazine has partnered with YouTube and are looking for 12 YouTube Stars who will take the Live channel to the next level!

We want to create a video platform to showcase the talent of young people, whether it’s in front of or behind the camera. We are looking for a range of talents, so if you are an aspiring filmmaker, presenter, actor, comedian, editor or online content creators, we want to hear from you!

The project will start with 12 YouTube Stars – dedicated, enthusiastic young people, with the passion and desire to be content creators, meaning you have no trouble tapping into your creative side with a given agenda.

You will take part in a two-week training boot camp in December, which will include guest speakers, YouTube stars, video creators and social media experts to help improve your skills and inspire you. All you need to bring is your talent and willingness to learn.

To apply send your CV and a short cover letter (just one or two paragraphs) telling us why you want to be on the Live YouTube team and why you think you’d be the best person to have on board.

Applications should be sent to by 5pm on Friday 2nd December. Successful candidates will be invited for a short interview within the following week. Applicants must be aged 16-22 years old and London based.

Relationship Between Bloggers and Bigger Brands | #BloggersCollective

'blogging' photo (c) 2010, Sean MacEntee - license:





Just thought we would share this great article about building relationships between bloggers and big brands in preparation for the Bloggers Collective Event this week Wednesday. Have a read if you are a blogger particularly in the fashion industry. It is a gold mine of information. Click here.

To register for Bloggers Collective Event, Click here.

Bonafide Supernova Blog Site #BloggersCollective @yepmedialtd @bonasupernova

In March 2011, Bonafide Supernova was started as an online platform; creating a voice for the generation of young, ambitious and career driven women who love fashion & style.

Bonafide states that it is for “the fashion—forward, fashion trendsetting, style blazing young women; who don’t try to be something they are not, but just ‘love’ being chic & stylish. No longer are we dictated by those at the top telling us what to wear, or how to wear it! The generation we live in is about creating our very own media platforms to be able to express ourselves in our everyday experiences. Bonafide Supernova aims to provide fashion, entertainment & creative enterprise content to 18-35 year old women”.

Some of you might be thinking…….’well, why another blog, why this target audience, another fashion & style blog?’

There are so many involved in media, producing online content and publishing that it’s become a time when a lot get over-shadowed by ‘famous’ bloggers or independent media producers who get snapped up by big brand endorsements and investment. Though a lot of us aspire to accomplish the same success; it’s not something that shouldn’t be taken lightly or thought of as an easy process- actually it’s more difficult than some might think.

To become a nationwide or internationally known media producer or blogger; there has to be so much more. Some do it for the passion and don’t want money from what they do but more-so they desire creditability within their niche subject area. Others desire to create a financially viable platform which provides extensive revenue and gets read by thousands or millions viewers every week. To get to that stage, is where you need a plan & a focus; an understanding of how it all works and the personality and innovation to be able to create a brand in its own right.












Ambitious or not; that’s what Bonafide Supernova aims to do! To get a little insight into how & why and the passion behind this blog; come to YEP’s #BloggersCollective workshop session on the 30th Nov- Register your place:

Lou Jones

Lou Jones is the lady behind The Style Kaleidoscope, Birmingham’s vibrant street style documentary of fashionable ladies across the city. Birmingham- the heart of the country is eclectic in its fashion taste, boosts some of the best boutique stores and houses major fashion shows i.e. Clothes Show Live, Style Birmingham Live and Midlands Fashion Designer Awards.

Lou started the blog as a way to capture the multi-cultural ‘melting pot of fashion’ as she calls it on her about us page on the blog site.

On the 30th November, Lou Jones who also writes for Style Birmingham magazine & travels across the country doing what she loves; will be at our Bloggers Collective first workshop event between 6.30-8.30pm at The Small Business Centre, Newhall Street, Birmingham.

On the evening, Lou will be talking about how she started, why she decided to launch The Style Kaleidoscope blog and why she feels launching an online platform was an effect way to promote fashion & the city.

So, if you’d like to know how to launch your own media platform and how to promote it; then come along to the session. For more details visit the “Bloggers Collective” Eventbrite page:


Exhibit This 2: BCU Media & Comms

Yesterday, Daniel and Sam from YEP Media attended Exhibit This 2 Birmingham City University Media & Communications end of year exhibition and how fantatsic was it! It was brilliant to see so many inspiring projects from final year media and communications students….they are the future of the creative industry.

With so much uproar about the Government putting up tutition fees,  fewer people thinking about attending University; yesterdays exhibition made it clear that media studies is not a mickey mouse course but one with valuable, intelligent and entrepreneurial graduates of the future.

So many of the projects exhibited showed charisma, flair and eloquence for enterprise; with some students making some pennies from their production project. A few of those are even thinking about continuing their ventures and setting up as a business…..‘why not’, that’s what we say! It’s great news to see some many young, entrepreneurs, pioneering in media and developing vibrant projects that would make any investor want to give their cash.

Good luck to everyone we met yesterday!!


Just a quick update from the YEP Media team!

It’s been a brilliant few months for us, as we’ve completed our project Say it Online which was commissioned by Birmingham City Council and Arts Council England West Midlands as part of the Say Hello/Hello Digital Campaign and what a success it was!

Our final event ‘Said it Online’ which took place on the 24th March was the finale of the project. All the families, friends, and funders came to support all the hard work which had gone on within the YEP Media team.

So what’s next…….?

Well, the YEP Media team will be moving on to new projects/venture in the next coming weeks. Make sure you’re always staying up to date with what we’re up to and how you could possibly get involved.

You can always find us on our Twitter pages: @samanthayep @danielyep @shantelyep to speak to one of us and follow our thoughts, debates, questions and fun!

Remember: ‘We are young, entrepreneurs, pioneering’