On Milk & Honey Media | #BloggersCollective

It was around the time when Milk & Honey Media relaunched their brand new website when I discovered this piece of web eye candy as their promo made it into my twitter feed several times. As a creative director I found it a pleasant discovery to find a fresh youth-led upcoming media platform such as this with a distinct sense of purpose, focus and substance elegantly crafted for a specific audience.

Now I don’t want to just talk about this platform because I like it but because I wanted to highlight the fact that this is the direction that news & magazine media is going and has been going for quite some time. I chose to highlight Milk & Honey Media as a great example of a new upcoming online media brand picked up on this and recognised the importance of investing time, thought and the right expertise into making sure the website looks great from the get go.

Check out Milk & Honey Media here you might find something you like.

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Hyperbole and a Half? | #bloggerscollective

Here is another interesting blog that is very unique. Hyperbole and a half makes use of Microsoft paint to create humorous cartoons to compliment paragraphs of hilarious magnifications of the small things in life. The writer causes you to contemplate some of those things that the average person might consider life’s minor impedances and exaggerates them into major daily struggles in a childlike sort of way, hence the term ‘hyperbole.’ The interesting thing is it becomes frighteningly relatable and addictive to the reader, hence the blog has over 55,000 subscribers.

Another interesting niche independent blog that has been able to capitalise on its readership but this time not so much through advertising but through merchandising. Because the blog is very visual and unique in its use of microsoft paint, these images have become part of the brand.

This brand uniqueness is something that you must as crack to be successful as an independent online media producer. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be as quirky but the more eccentric and niche the better I think in many cases.

Check out the blog http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com.

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Bonafide Supernova Blog Site #BloggersCollective @yepmedialtd @bonasupernova

In March 2011, Bonafide Supernova was started as an online platform; creating a voice for the generation of young, ambitious and career driven women who love fashion & style.

Bonafide states that it is for “the fashion—forward, fashion trendsetting, style blazing young women; who don’t try to be something they are not, but just ‘love’ being chic & stylish. No longer are we dictated by those at the top telling us what to wear, or how to wear it! The generation we live in is about creating our very own media platforms to be able to express ourselves in our everyday experiences. Bonafide Supernova aims to provide fashion, entertainment & creative enterprise content to 18-35 year old women”.

Some of you might be thinking…….’well, why another blog, why this target audience, another fashion & style blog?’

There are so many involved in media, producing online content and publishing that it’s become a time when a lot get over-shadowed by ‘famous’ bloggers or independent media producers who get snapped up by big brand endorsements and investment. Though a lot of us aspire to accomplish the same success; it’s not something that shouldn’t be taken lightly or thought of as an easy process- actually it’s more difficult than some might think.

To become a nationwide or internationally known media producer or blogger; there has to be so much more. Some do it for the passion and don’t want money from what they do but more-so they desire creditability within their niche subject area. Others desire to create a financially viable platform which provides extensive revenue and gets read by thousands or millions viewers every week. To get to that stage, is where you need a plan & a focus; an understanding of how it all works and the personality and innovation to be able to create a brand in its own right.












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Let’s talk about #Fail blog & Cheezburger Network | #BloggersCollective #Online Media

Fail blog is an online media phenomenon. I think it was a few years back when I started university and fail blog almost became the bane of my existence, the root of much procrastination, yet the source of plenty of laughs. Little did I understand at the time that for every ‘lol’ there was some ingenious blogger or team of bloggers cashing in via ad sales.

Fail blog has been so successful as an online media brand to the point where it has even infiltrated english vocabulary, the word ‘fail’ has been released from its connotations of shame and disgrace into a term used more for playful banter. The Fail blog site now boasts 12 million monthly views and is a choice destination for a daily dose of laughs, it is also part of a larger leading global network of websites offering humor and entertainment called the Cheezburger Network. Interesting eh?

Now one might think how can a collection of what most would describe as ‘foolishness’ attract and engage such a large audience? This is the phenomenon I referred to in the opening sentence. The only logical response I could give is that I think ‘everyone loves a laugh,’ but obviously not everyone’s taste in humour is the same. What fail blog have clearly succeed at it is identifying and growing their niche community of fans by understanding the type of content that keeps them coming back. This has enabled them to grow their brand and expand to the point where it has infiltrated modern culture.

The Cheezburger network have obviously identified what I would describe as the serendipitous nature of establishing and growing successful online media brands. They have recently launched the opportunity for aspiring humour and entertainment bloggers to affiliate themselves with the cheezburger network by creating their own .cheezburger blog site. This offers the opportunity for users to curate some their favourite humourous content with a view to make the best bloggers ‘internet famous.’ This opportunity I would say is made available to those who LOVE comedy and love to entertain others. There is no point trying to do it if you don’t love sharing humour. One who signs up to it may one day be made ‘internet famous’ but I think the lesson is in the first instance you have do what you love and do it well.

Also evident is this ‘collective’ way of working made available via cheezburger. It is an emerging trend in the blogosphere and appears to be enabling smaller bloggers to interact with and benefit from larger brands. We YEP Media will be exploring this concept further in our upcoming series of workshops starting 30th Nov 2011. Click here for more information. 

Lets Talk about Upshot TV | #BloggersCollective #OnlineMedia

So recently I came across this splendid website Upshot TV, the brainchild of young entrepreneur by the name of Sebastian Thiel, you can find him on twitter here  @SebastianThiel. I first encountered this website early in the summer when the riots took place across the country and following the events you may remember the outrageous comments and controversy from the interview with the history David Starkey on Newsnight. Upshot TV posted a very eloquent response from a young comedian by the name of Nabil Abdul Rashid and from there I decided to investigate this developing brand further.

Needless to say, I was very impressed by the quality of production in terms of their content, the depth and breadth of their vision as a brand and their ethos is to provide a positive alternative to the deteriorating state of youth culture in the UK through the positive communication channels of fashion and entertainment. If you visit their website you don’t have to look very far to discover that Upshot have received some very high profile endorsements from celebrities, funding bodies and the like, not only this but the young entrepreneur behind the movement is clearly very open about his journey.

So if you are thinking about setting up your own online media platform, there is much to be learned from channels such as Upshot TV. Identify your own niche and make sure your content is structured in such a way that it always contributes to all that your brand is aiming to say about itself.

We as an agency are dedicated to offering our creative services to support such projects as these through our Bloggers Collective Workshops.

Lou Jones

Lou Jones is the lady behind The Style Kaleidoscope, Birmingham’s vibrant street style documentary of fashionable ladies across the city. Birmingham- the heart of the country is eclectic in its fashion taste, boosts some of the best boutique stores and houses major fashion shows i.e. Clothes Show Live, Style Birmingham Live and Midlands Fashion Designer Awards.

Lou started the blog as a way to capture the multi-cultural ‘melting pot of fashion’ as she calls it on her about us page on the blog site.

On the 30th November, Lou Jones who also writes for Style Birmingham magazine & travels across the country doing what she loves; will be at our Bloggers Collective first workshop event between 6.30-8.30pm at The Small Business Centre, Newhall Street, Birmingham.

On the evening, Lou will be talking about how she started, why she decided to launch The Style Kaleidoscope blog and why she feels launching an online platform was an effect way to promote fashion & the city.

So, if you’d like to know how to launch your own media platform and how to promote it; then come along to the session. For more details visit the “Bloggers Collective” Eventbrite page: http://bc1yepmedia.eventbrite.com/


Let’s Talk about the ABG Series | #BloggersCollective #OnlineMedia

In the run up to our first #BloggersCollective event on 30th November, we will be acknowledging some of who we think are some of the most inspiring, entertaining and interesting, developing online media platforms we know of. At YEP Media our mission is direct our creative services into developing meaningful, influential and profitable online media platforms and so we thought it would only make sense to use this space to develop some conversation about it.

So the first project we would like to talk about is the Awkward Black Girl comedy series which is independently produced by film director and writer Issa Rae and her team of actors. Aside from the clear originality of content and production, the interesting thing about this program is the way they have used Youtube and other social networks to develop a die-hard fan-base and ever increasing community of followers. Anyone who has followed the series since it began will have seen that the team clearly started out from having very limited resources but they have successfully tapped into their consumer demand to keep the production of the series flowing through a kick starter campaign that enabled them to continue to meet their production costs.

On 31st August Awkward Black Girl released the 10th episode of their series on youtube and within the first 24 hours the episode was viewed by 30,000 fans. Surely there are lessons to be learned from this story.  The Team is now aiming to get their series on main stream television.

  1. If you have a vision to create something and the skills, passion and drive to make it happen then it can certainly be done.
  2. If you give it all you’ve got it will pay off eventually.
  3. Using social media clearly allows you engage with your audience in ways traditional methods does not allow.
  4. To be successful in creating media content you must listen to your audience and give them what you want, it will help provide the leverage your brand needs.
You can see the Awkward Black Girl Series visit www.awkwardblackgirl.com, let us know what you observe about this style of media content production, distribution and consumption.