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Progress – a slow Process?

So I was organising my life the other day, you know, doing the domestics, tidying my house etc when I came a across a doodle I was doing in class at university. I think I was sitting in a theory class about the music industry probably in my second year of study.

Anyway, this doodle turned into something that resembles an insect/caterpillar on a reed over a pond or something of that sort, well thats I what I wanted it to be (make of it what you will). As I sat there in class I must have thought to myself, what am I doing here? I’m paying £3,300+ per year to sit in this class and what will I get out of it in the end? The jobs available in this industry are very competitive to get into, I am not the most competitive person and half the people working in there don’t even have degrees anyway.  Am I wasting my time? Do I even want to do this?

Needless to say, here I am now, a graduate making progress in the process of starting a business, as the creative director. The caterpillar I doodled in class and kept is a gentle reminder of where myself and my colleagues are coming from and just like a the caterpillar, we are in our cocoon period of metamorphosis as we find our feet. The transformation from 2B1 Communications into the Young Entrepreneurs Pioneering in Media is well underway and we have exciting plans ahead. I will also be introducing you to the rest of the YEP Media team over the course of the following week.

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Daniel J. Blyden – Creative Director