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Wow! its April Already: Spring Updates

Time Flies

Can you believe we are already in the Spring of 2012 on the second day of April? They say time waits for no man and especially when you are busy and having fun being busy!

Anyway, the purpose of this quick blog update is just to give quick run down of YEP media’s whereabouts, what we’ve been up to and where we are heading the next few months of this fast disappearing year, and we thought we would give this blog a bit of a transformation spring clean to bring in spring time.

Online Media Consulting

So as you may have noticed this blog site has seen nothing but digital tumble weed for the past month because the YEP team work part time and have also been doing bits and pieces for some clients.

We thought we would share one example of what we’ve been busy doing; the results of a Digital Media and Blogging workshop we delivered for a group of young people over at The Future Melting Pot who are working on a project investigating the reasons behind the August 2011 riots. You can check out their work here. This group will be holding an enquiry at the Council House this Thursday where the young people will have a round table discussion with senior leaders about those horrendous occurrences last year.

Unleash Your Inner Supernova

Our highlight for the month of March has to have been helping to host a pretty amazing event along with Bonafide Supernova, which is part of the collective of fashion blogs we are channelling our creative media skills into developing.

The Bonafide Supernova team held their first ever event at The Studio Birmingham in a bid to spark enthusiasm and present a new way of networking for the modern day woman of the ‘future’. Their next event will be taking place in May 2012 and will be all about the Future of Fashion PR so stay tuned for more details on that!

Bonafide Supernova's First event 'Unleash Your Inner Supernova - 21st March 2012.

Bloggers Collective

You may have noticed that we decided to postpone our 3rd  Bloggers Collective: How to Build Your Online Community Workshop until the 17th April 2012.

Bloggers Collective is our Monthly Networking Workshops for Online Media Enthusiasts. Our Topics over the next coming months in no particular order are as follows.

  • How to Build an Online Community
  • Making Money from your Blog’- Sponsored blog posts: To do or Not to do?
  • How to Promote your Brand Online/Creating a Media Kit for your online platform
  • Bloggers Surgery: A Troubleshooting Seminar
  • From Blogger to Online Journalist: Making the Transition
  • ‘It’s all in the Brief’ (Part 1) – How to get the most out of your graphic designer 
  • ‘It’s all in the Brief’ (Part 2) – How to get the most out of your web designer 
  • How to Write Online
  • Improve your Video & Photography  Blog
  • Bloggers Collective- ‘Moving beyond the blog’

We also launched a special offer to attendees of the Unleash Your Inner Supernova event to gain access to future Bloggers Collective Events. Details of this offer can be found here.

If you would like to be kept informed of our bloggers collective events then join our mailing list on the front page of our Website. 

The Lost Links/Here I Am Project

Last Year, Daniel from our team was awarded a Level 1 Award from Unltd, the social enterprise charity to deliver a project exploring and addressing intergenerational issues. The project is now taking shape and will kick off with an discussion/conference taking place at Aston University next week Thursday 12th April 2012. For more information about this project and the event visit

That is all from YEP Media until Next time. Stay tuned for further updates on Bloggers Collective and other events.


‘Oh Darling…..I am Part of the Bloggerati’ #BloggersCollective

Unfortunately, there are some bloggers who turn into big headed ego trips, somee who love themselves a little too much, no one or nothing else seems to matter because ‘oh well darling, I am a well-known blogger’. It’s unfortunate because this seems to be the route many bloggers are taking- especially if they feel their own online persona has become bigger than they would have ever thought.

With the likes of the ‘super bloggers’ taking centre stage, for example; Bryanboy, Style by Kling, Susie Bubble and more the world has become orientated by creating celebrity style bloggers who get photographed in all the fashion magazines, get provided with free clothes, tickets to all the big fashion shows, etc- exciting I hear you say; yes it’s exciting and most of us would love to be in their shoes but at what price, that’s the question?

As with majority of the international blogging success stories, these well known bloggers worked really hard to get there – really hard and have started blogging a few years back when it was still the new thing. The problem is when every blogger believes that they are the next Bryanboy. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but we all can’t be.

Yes, you can enjoy the limelight and the perks of creating a fantastic blog but don’t let it become a way for you to close the doors for other up and coming bloggers, who just want a bit of the action. Instead of just thinking about how you can make it, why not consider joining forces with other local bloggers and creating something special? Though there can never be two of the same people, there can however be ‘Collectives’ or ‘Bloggerati’s’- love this word J which endeavour to strive for creative collaboration.

It’s all about supporting each other and creating valuable, yet interesting and inspiring content that can be read by the world and appreciated. Let’s not let the freebies and entry to exclusive events create negative personas of bloggers, especially those who talk about fashion and beauty can be labelled in this way and it’s unfair as not all fashion or beauty bloggers are like this.

That’s why at YEP Media we feel it’s important to understand how this phenomenon contributes to the way we interact with content online but also how it helps leverage new relationships and collectives within the blogging arena.

Feel free to discuss any of the points mentioned in this blog post by commenting below or using our hashtag on Twitter #BloggersCollective.

Our Next Bloggers Collective Event entitled ‘How to Write Online’ will take place on Thursday 16th February 2012, 6.30pm at mac Birmingham. For more information and to Register, visit

New Year, New Ways to Refresh Your Media Platform #BloggersCollective

Sometimes it can all be a little too much, keeping up with all the latest news and trends can at times….well be impossible. On occasion most bloggers or media content producers can become bored by what they do and run out of creativity, new ideas and concepts to be able to write or produce something new especially when it comes to online platforms.

Therefore, it’s very important for you as a blogger/content producer to evaluate and think to yourself, how could I refresh what I do and still ‘love it’- as you can start to stop loving what you do. We are only one month in to 2012, so it’s time to reflect on your blog and make changes; so here are some tips on ways to start maintain the ‘hype’:

  1. Target Audience: make sure you are still clear on who your target audience is i.e. 18-30 year old, males, sport lovers- football etc. You can be as specific as you like. To be honest the more specific you are the easier it is to understand your audience and be clear on what they want to hear/read. It’s sometimes a good way to have a quick brainstorm/idea map about exactly who you’d like to target.
  2. Archive material: it’s good to archive old material, so that your blog posts don’t get clogged up. Treat every year as a refresher and put aside some of the stories from the previous year. It is also good practice to hyperlink back to old blog posts from your archives for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes as Google likes blogs that do this.
  3. Keep Up: try and get out there, keep up with the trends and key news within your area of interest otherwise you’ll get left behind. If you start becoming boring, lack knowledge and interest in your field then your audience will know and stop reading your blog. This is such a difficult thing as it can be hard ‘keeping up’ with all that’s happening.
  4. Visit other blogs/media platforms regularly: key point here, visit other blogs for inspiration- not visit other blogs and steal their content, lol! Getting inspiration from other bloggers keeps your mind ticking and stimulates your thought processes making sure you stay on the ball.

Only 14 days until out next Bloggers’ Collective Event – Come join us and pick up some tips on ‘How to Write Online,’ Thursday 16th February 2011, 6.30pm at mac Birmingham. For more information please visit

Exhibit This 2: BCU Media & Comms

Yesterday, Daniel and Sam from YEP Media attended Exhibit This 2 Birmingham City University Media & Communications end of year exhibition and how fantatsic was it! It was brilliant to see so many inspiring projects from final year media and communications students….they are the future of the creative industry.

With so much uproar about the Government putting up tutition fees,  fewer people thinking about attending University; yesterdays exhibition made it clear that media studies is not a mickey mouse course but one with valuable, intelligent and entrepreneurial graduates of the future.

So many of the projects exhibited showed charisma, flair and eloquence for enterprise; with some students making some pennies from their production project. A few of those are even thinking about continuing their ventures and setting up as a business…..‘why not’, that’s what we say! It’s great news to see some many young, entrepreneurs, pioneering in media and developing vibrant projects that would make any investor want to give their cash.

Good luck to everyone we met yesterday!!

Generation 3.0

Can we end racism within this generation?

Check out this link and educate yourself, dispel your ignorances and understand other cultures.

Today I was inspired and educated almost serendipitously by my experience at an event I attended in the Handsworth area of Birmingham. The launch of the Generation 3.0 project at the Harriet Tubman Bookstore saw a brilliant exhibition of intergenerational experiences of racism, through the recollections of Handsworth residents. The project, coordinated by a young film maker and artist, Riffat Ahmed alongside the Runnymede Trust champions an ambitious aim to end racism within this generation.

I review this project from the perspective of the director of a company that appreciates, celebrates and promotes the opportunities that digital media presents to society. I also commend the visionaries of the project for how well it has been put together, it has obviously been very well researched and put together and I think that more of these thorough, intelligent and purposeful uses of digital media should be endorsed.

From the perspective of the director of a company that manages and promotes events, I appreciate the creative ideas behind hiring out the use of a local shop to exhibit the project. The beauty of this was the openness and accessibility to the whole community as the videos were showcased on large TV screens. It was this ingenuity that encouraged a group of boisterous youth engage for a couple of hours in something that will enhance their social and interpersonal skills for life.

From the perspective of an Upriser, I was challenged to continue cultivating my creative vision and talents and how I use them for non commercial purposes and how I can use them to influence change in society, but this is a whole other story for my personal blog which I will post soon.

So I encourage you to check out the generation 3.0 website for the project, watch some of the videos, join the discussion and learn something new so we can have a better society. Generation 3.0.

Looking to promote your musical career?

To celebrate the start of the year Daniel Alexander Films are giving away a FREE music video production. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is submit your music which will then be listened to by our judging panel and then if selected it will go head to head with four other songs that will be made available online for public vote. At the end of the public voting period the song with the highest amount of votes will win the music video production.
All information can be found at

Music Video (Fire – Corey ‘S-Man’ Campbell ft Nigel Hinds)

OK, I just stumbled across this video on Facebook and thought we should acknowledge it was a fantastic example of a how local corporates/public services and creatives can effectively collaborate to communicate an important message to specific audiences. It’s also nice to see a collaboration of the local creative industries from the music scene (the vocal artists S-Man & Nigel Hinds and obviously the producers), fashion (Soapbox Clothing) and the film makers (Daniel Alexander films), all Birmingham based enterprises.

Even before the economic downturn it was proving difficult to make a viable living from the recording industry but the music industry in its entirety is still very much expanding opening unforeseen opportunities for collaboration such as what we see here. All it takes is a Young Entrepreneur to Pioneer these ideas and the possibilities are endless.

From the perspective of a company of creative communicators, we at YEP Media think this is a great piece of work and an asset to this birmingham which should not go unrecognised.