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Bloggers Collective 2 Round Up & Resources #BloggersCollective

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Last week Thursday, we held our second installment at the mac Birmingham and the wealth of information and knowledge made available was very well received by all who attended. Daniel opened up the event giving a run down of his top 10 good practices for writing effective content for the web. See his presentation here.

This was followed by a presentation from Caezar Al-Jassar founder of He explained how he managed to optimise his search results in google and is now gaining 1000+ new visitors per month. See his presentation here.

The session was then finalised by Samantha who facilitated a very stimulating activity to get attendees thinking about how to write online.

The next workshop will take place on 27th March 2012 at the mac Birmingham 6.30pm-8.30pm. Registration details will be made available very soon. For more information about Bloggers Collective or if you are interested in having a consultation with YEP Media about Online Media. Email


How do YOU Deal with Commercial/Sponsored Blog Posts? #BloggersCollective

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At the end of November 2011 on YEP Media’s first Birthday, we hosted our first Bloggers’ Collective Workshop featuring  two local fashion bloggers; one ethical fashion blogger and the other a street style blogger. Each blogger explained  to the audience  exactly how they started their own Online Persona. It was a great session for those individuals who are in the early stages of developing their own online media platform.

One of the questions that was asked to our guest speakers, in a very roundabout way was how do you deal with sponsored blog posts or commercial activity within your web platform? Our speakers responded by saying that they would be happy to accept sponsored blog posts or any commercial collaboration providing it fits within their remit or values as bloggers.

From this discussion topic, we just thought we would pick up this conversation again as we think it’s important to understand  how to deal with any commercial opportunities that might arise through blogging and how this all depends on having a strong understanding of what you are developing and where you want it to go but we will explore this in more depth in our next blog few articles. In the mean time we would like to hear your thoughts, how do you personally deal with commercial/sponsored blog posts?

Post your thoughts in the comment box below or tweet them at #BloggersCollective.

New Year, New Ways to Refresh Your Media Platform #BloggersCollective

Sometimes it can all be a little too much, keeping up with all the latest news and trends can at times….well be impossible. On occasion most bloggers or media content producers can become bored by what they do and run out of creativity, new ideas and concepts to be able to write or produce something new especially when it comes to online platforms.

Therefore, it’s very important for you as a blogger/content producer to evaluate and think to yourself, how could I refresh what I do and still ‘love it’- as you can start to stop loving what you do. We are only one month in to 2012, so it’s time to reflect on your blog and make changes; so here are some tips on ways to start maintain the ‘hype’:

  1. Target Audience: make sure you are still clear on who your target audience is i.e. 18-30 year old, males, sport lovers- football etc. You can be as specific as you like. To be honest the more specific you are the easier it is to understand your audience and be clear on what they want to hear/read. It’s sometimes a good way to have a quick brainstorm/idea map about exactly who you’d like to target.
  2. Archive material: it’s good to archive old material, so that your blog posts don’t get clogged up. Treat every year as a refresher and put aside some of the stories from the previous year. It is also good practice to hyperlink back to old blog posts from your archives for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes as Google likes blogs that do this.
  3. Keep Up: try and get out there, keep up with the trends and key news within your area of interest otherwise you’ll get left behind. If you start becoming boring, lack knowledge and interest in your field then your audience will know and stop reading your blog. This is such a difficult thing as it can be hard ‘keeping up’ with all that’s happening.
  4. Visit other blogs/media platforms regularly: key point here, visit other blogs for inspiration- not visit other blogs and steal their content, lol! Getting inspiration from other bloggers keeps your mind ticking and stimulates your thought processes making sure you stay on the ball.

Only 14 days until out next Bloggers’ Collective Event – Come join us and pick up some tips on ‘How to Write Online,’ Thursday 16th February 2011, 6.30pm at mac Birmingham. For more information please visit

On Milk & Honey Media | #BloggersCollective

It was around the time when Milk & Honey Media relaunched their brand new website when I discovered this piece of web eye candy as their promo made it into my twitter feed several times. As a creative director I found it a pleasant discovery to find a fresh youth-led upcoming media platform such as this with a distinct sense of purpose, focus and substance elegantly crafted for a specific audience.

Now I don’t want to just talk about this platform because I like it but because I wanted to highlight the fact that this is the direction that news & magazine media is going and has been going for quite some time. I chose to highlight Milk & Honey Media as a great example of a new upcoming online media brand picked up on this and recognised the importance of investing time, thought and the right expertise into making sure the website looks great from the get go.

Check out Milk & Honey Media here you might find something you like.

Follow our #BloggersCollective Conversation on here and on twitter and also at our upcoming workshop. Our first Bloggers Collective workshop begins 7 days from now – Register for Bloggers Collective 1 here.

Grime Royal Wedding

Stumbled across this on Twitter. A publicity stunt taking place around the opening of the EnR Twinz new recording studio in digbeth. We thought it was a fantastic idea to coincide with the royal wedding:

here is a synopsis from the Grime Royal Wedding planners

TWO Birmingham music producers are hunting for a local couple to take part in an alternative Royal Wedding on the same day as Wills and Kate get hitched.

The EnR Twinz planned to open their new studio in Digbeth on Friday, April 29 not realising it was the same day as the Windsors big day so instead of being upstaged they have decided to hold Birmingham’s own Grime Royal Wedding.

The EnRTwinz are looking for a couple to get married on the same day and time as the real royal couple. The service will be held in Digbeth and the reception on the Bromford estate. The lucky couple will get their real marriage certificate paid for as soon as after the big day as possible.

The Twinz are looking for a couple that can not afford to get married but deserve their own special day. The guestlist for the wedding will be a direct contrast to the real royal wedding, instead of billionaires, foreign dictators and aristocrats the Grime Royal Wedding will be inviting the homeless, hustlers, carers and those on benefits.

The EnR Twins, who are from Hodge Hill, and are nationally recognised in the UK Grime scene, started their musical career holding impromptu concerts on Hodge Hill Common but after falling foul of complaining residents began to start selling out venues.

However, after having continual problems with the venues and the police who were concerned their massive following of Birmingham youngsters would could cause trouble at concerts they began to concentrate on becoming music producers and have just completed their new studio in Digbeth.

For the Grime Royal Wedding service the two twins plan to take turns in their Adidas dog collars doing the service because they have seen how long the real one lasts.

In an age where the music industries and particularly the recording industry are increasingly tricky to navigate, it becomes more and more important that cultural capital is built around your artform. If executed well, the Grime Royal Wedding will be an interesting example of a cultural statement in the music industries, about local grime culture pioneered by the EnR Twinz.

If you are into grime and want to get involved or for more information about the Grime Royal Wedding see and

Youtube NextUp Scheme

Youtube are planning to invest £441,000 into the next generation of digital talent.

Youtube Next Up Scheme

Do you have your own Youtube Channel?

Are you making revenue from your content?

The fund will allow up to 25 people to develop their content and production techniques with grants of up to €20,000.

For more info, See the guardian article here

‘Get Digi in the City & Say It Online!’

Hello everyone, YEP Media is proud to finally officially announce our new project called Say It Online through our web presence. We are happy to be working alongside Birmingham City Council, and the Hello Digital Campaign to bring a fresh and potentially very interesting project to the city.

The project give the opportunity to participate in Birmingham’s Arts & Cultural Activities to residents who would not ordinarily do so. We are currently recruiting participants from various areas around Birmingham and further information is below.


Say It Online is a unique opportunity to set yourself up as a citizen’s digital journalist and commentate on Birmingham’s Arts & Cultural Activities.

6 Families (1 Parent and 1 Child) will have FREE access to Arts & Cultural events across Birmingham City and be trained to document their experiences online using digital media platforms such as wordpress, twitter and youtube.

The program will begin with a Digital Media masterclass led by Creative Digital Media enthusiast Pete Ashton and the YEP Media team at the MAC in Cannon Hill Park

The program will end with an event called ‘Said it Online’ which will feature light entertainment and a celebration of your achievements.

For more information and to get involved, please visit our website where application forms and further information are available.

The Say it Online website will officially be launched within the next 7 days.

If you would like to get involved download the application form below and send it to but hurry, the project starts next week Sunday, the 13th February!

Click Here to download Say it Online Participant Form

Click here to download Say it Online Press release/Project Info