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Upping the Levels: 3 Questions to ask yourself #BloggersCollective

If you are thinking about how you can bring your online media platform the next level and begin to work with brands or businesses, first ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1.       Am I just building a Blog?

Perhaps you are just interested in publishing content about a topic of your interest and you are wary of ruling out the possibility that your blog could possibly move into different direction and begin to explore other themes and topics.  If this is the case, you should probably deal with any commercial interests as sporadic on a particular project by project basis. Make this clear with any project you take on as any business or brand that you may work with.

2.       Am I creating a web magazine/online media entity?

You may find that your style of blogging is more journalistic in its style and you like to curate and share information around your topic from other sources-sharing your opinion. Perhaps you tend to be more reactive with your community of followers in the type of content you produce, giving the people what they want.  If this is you, have a good think about how you can retain commercial interest and develop your platform through mutually beneficial relationships.

3.       Am I blogging for business?

If you are blogging for business your objective is more likely to be about retaining interested customers or clients by producing or sharing content that will be interesting to them. Your approach to developing online media content will be more about building your brand and becoming the authority in whatever industry you operate in. Obviously any commercial activity in business is good but if you are using your blog to build your brand then you don’t want any mixed messages that take away from your overall communications strategy. At the same time, it pays to be collaborative so weigh up the opportunity.

Once you have figured out which of the following three categories you fall into, you will be better able to strategise and move your online media platform forward. Over the next coming weeks we will be sharing information, ideas and strategies on moving your blog forward according to how which of these 3 categories you fall into.

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Feel free to discuss any of the points mentioned in this blog post by commenting below or using our hashtag on Twitter #BloggersCollective.

Our Next Bloggers Collective Event entitled ‘How to Write Online’ will take place on Thursday 16th February 2012, 6.30pm at mac Birmingham. For more information and to Register, visit


How do YOU Deal with Commercial/Sponsored Blog Posts? #BloggersCollective

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At the end of November 2011 on YEP Media’s first Birthday, we hosted our first Bloggers’ Collective Workshop featuring  two local fashion bloggers; one ethical fashion blogger and the other a street style blogger. Each blogger explained  to the audience  exactly how they started their own Online Persona. It was a great session for those individuals who are in the early stages of developing their own online media platform.

One of the questions that was asked to our guest speakers, in a very roundabout way was how do you deal with sponsored blog posts or commercial activity within your web platform? Our speakers responded by saying that they would be happy to accept sponsored blog posts or any commercial collaboration providing it fits within their remit or values as bloggers.

From this discussion topic, we just thought we would pick up this conversation again as we think it’s important to understand  how to deal with any commercial opportunities that might arise through blogging and how this all depends on having a strong understanding of what you are developing and where you want it to go but we will explore this in more depth in our next blog few articles. In the mean time we would like to hear your thoughts, how do you personally deal with commercial/sponsored blog posts?

Post your thoughts in the comment box below or tweet them at #BloggersCollective.

Be Part of the YEP Calendar 2012

Around this time last year, when we were laying the foundations for YEP media, you may remember we ran a mini web video campaign creating high quality video interviews of Young Entrepreneurs Pioneering as they spoke about their businesses. See one here.

This was our contribution to Global Entrepreneurship week 2010 and this year we are partnering again with Phocus Visual Productions to make the opportunity available once again for Young Entrepreneurs to profile themselves in and around the time of Global Entrepreneurship week 2011 (14th-20th November 2011).

Between now and November anyone under the age of 30 who is a founder/director of a trading business or enterprise will have the opportunity to be one of just 12 Young entrepreneurs to feature in our début YEP Calendar Directory which will be put into the offices of Senior Leaders and Business People across the region. 

All you have to do is book for one of our professional photo shoot packages between now and the 11th November.

Not only will you receive a package of some great professional photography of yourself and your personal portfolio but you will have a have one month of the calendar dedicated to you and your business which will be be seen by CEO’s and senior leaders all year round.

You will also have the option to have a feature published on this blog – Our platform for ‘Young Entrepreneurs Pioneering’ as our Entrepreneur of the month in the month that you feature in the YEP calendar directory. 

Our photography packages start from only £200 and you can have your photography done on location or in our photography studio. We are taking bookings now for the photo shoot which will take place in November 2011. Call 0121 224 7342 or email for more information.

We can make you look this good and even better

Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Interior Design

Meet Anupriya Vyas better known as Ann.

Ann has just launched her own interior design firm ‘Ann Designer Living… At just 27 years old, this young female entrepreneur from India has achieved a lot. With years of high-profile interior design experience under her belt, numerous awards including 2nd place for the best designer at Stonemart, not to mention her many academic achievements, Ann is unstoppable!

At Birmingham’s Grand Designs Live show 2010, (8-10 October) Ann took a bold step towards the launch of her new interior design company ‘Ann Designer Living’ by single handedly setting up and running her own exhibit just days before the prestigious event.

As one of the only solo interior designers to exhibit at the huge event, Ann was even noticed by Mr Grand Designs himself, Kevin McCloud (right) who remarked that he had never seen a young freelance designer exhibit in such an event and that this was admirable.

Ann states, “Looking back, I now believe this was one of the best career decisions I have made so far. I got a lot of interest and enquiries about my services and also recognition in the trade. I was also approached by other senior designers to assist them on their big projects. To sum it all up, it was a successful venture.”

We asked Ann what excites her most about her line of work and she said, “What I love most about Interior design is the challenge of dealing creatively with individual spaces to make the best of their aesthetic and functional use.”

It just goes to show you, as Samantha our CEO commented in the last post, ‘to be… or not to be?’ When it comes to entrepreneurship, you have to take this attitude and just do it!

Below is a short elevator pitch we took when we caught up with Ann Designer Living at the Grand Designs Live event in Birmingham 2010. Watch out for this Young Entrepreneur Pioneering in Birmingham City, YEP!